The Bird Abandoned 555 Circuit Making Blink Anger




See the environmental protection projects, on the waste circuit for have not been able to use again, do useful gadgets point of electronic waste

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Step 1: 拆下555芯片 Remove the 555 Chip


And remove the 555 chip from abandoned the doorbell to find, also can use again the resistance and capacitance

Step 2: 制作电路 Making Circuit


The use of hole edition, 555 chip, and light emitting 2 pipe making circuit

Step 3: 制作面板 Panel


The use of density board regeneration, and the surface with angry birds stickers, and holes in the eye, with LED

Step 4: 测试电路 the Test Circuit


Connect the power supply circuit, testing whether the normal operation of

Step 5: ​完成 Complete


Finally she looked at the angry birds towards you blink.

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