The Comfortable Miss DODOCASE




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If you've tried out this affordable DIY VR headset, one thing you might notice is how it's susceptible to damage from facial oils. And also how it can be might uncomfortable. Here's how to make a DODOCASE more comfortable and (skin)greaseproof using Sugru.

Step 1: Assemble Your DODOCASE

Of course this should be the first course of action. Take as much time as you need. Conserce your energy because the rest of the steps need to be done before the sugru dries in 30 minutes!!!

PS: It's not that hard really

Step 2: Open Up Some Sugru and Shape Some Pieces

Shape some pieces to surround the nose part. Pluck off large pea sized pieces of sugru and roll them into little sausages.

Step 3: Surround the Nose

Add these pieces to the nose piece. This as well as the forehead is where the DODOCASE tends to get damaged to due facial oils. Just to make it pretty we shaped them like an open mouth.

Step 4: Add the Cheeks

Hey it looks kinda like a face doesn't it? That's what we thought. So we finished it off with some rosy cheeks.

Step 5: Stare Into Her Glassy Eyes

And voila...miss sugru is complete. This was a simple outline of what happened when we tried to make a DODOCASE more comfortable and had a little fun with the pieces.

What faces can you come up with?



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Man, that thing is now nightmare fuel. Good execution and a good solution, but a bit on the terrifying side. I like it!