The Construction of a NotGrilled Cheese Sandwich




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Mostly this is for me: see, in the past i tried putting a 'structable here that didnt need any pics at all.  Naturally, it was refused ..
So here:
Its a simple concept, and healthier, too .. But the conversion of the project's design to be 'unhealthy' is fairly simple .. i'll leave that to you!

Step 1:

The actual NotGriller device .. available at any supermarket, WallyWorld, or hardware store.   

Step 2:

Other materials , except the project enclosure .. 
Hovering over pics will explain them all ...

Step 3:

hover hover!!

Step 4:

ready for assembly .. 

I like crushed pepper ..and that's the BEST mill ever .. tho it might be made by some child in India working for 5cents a day ..

i'll handle my guilt...

Step 5:

we're gonna use the two cheese slices to encase the tomato..

hover hover!!!

Step 6:

Final orientation of cheese slices is at your discretion.  Some like to rotate them to be 45 deg. out of phase .. makes things more drippy ..


Step 7:

Notice: No butter !!!  

This is a clue to one 'hover-induced' question i pose to you all..
This clue will cancel your basicly clueless status, should that be necessary.

oh , never mind ... 

Step 8:

To those who have their meals prepared by in-house chef:

cheese is fat .. and fat SOAKS UP MR Energy fast!

20 secs could be better...

Step 9:

At last!
 The final results!
 Low(er) fat , crispy enclosure, no greasy fingers on eating! 
 AND, served in the exact style that any true geek would require! Bon Ap... !!
BTW, a free bottle of wine to the first person who can correctly identify all items on my desk (not including the cat, who might be lurking there, somewhere, or some vestige of his vestigal self .... 



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    10 Discussions

    Dr. dB

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great 'ible! Humorous, and tasty, too! But, doesn't the presense of the tomato adversely affect the structural integrity of the project enclosure? Or does the "cheese-cosity" of the other main component make up for the slipperiness?

    1 reply
    tkjtkjDr. dB

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    On the contrary! but you did hit the sandwich on the head ! yes, the cheese-cosity plays an important role, for if you can balance the 'pre-sealed-wich' enough to transport it to the microwave without it slipping to the floor, the heat generated during the 20 or so seconds will cause the cheese to fuse, one slice to the other, except where tomato-substance exists between the two. This fusing causes the tomato-substance to be 'cheesed' in place, if you will. The final construction is both stable, therefore, and tasty, of course, and crunchy .. the last being a quality rarely obtained by the usual "lets smeer the damn thing with butter and squash it on a griddle" approach: a method this designer abhors.
    And thank you for your eruditious reply!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    omg thank you for reassuring me im not the only person that says wallyworld


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great job, Jon ! this is one of the most clever (if irrelevent) projects ever to be imagined by mankind!

    1 reply