The Cracker Bread Pizza




Introduction: The Cracker Bread Pizza

This instructable will show you how to make a mini pizza using only a few ingredients which I am sure you have lying around.I can make one in an ad brake while watching t.v. plus it only takes 15 seconds to cook. Awesome

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Step 1: Ingredients and Cooking Tools


cracker bread( mine was pyotts )
cheese( home made cheddar from my friends moms farm )
mini cheddars( pyotts chip like things )
tomato sauce( none other than ALL GOLD the best t sauce )

cooking tools

cheese grater
plate( both serving and preparing platter)

Step 2: Preparation

First grate the cheese. Then squirt the tomato sauce onto the cracker bread and with knife spread. With fingers pick up grated cheese and place evenly on cracker. Take three bite sized mini cheddars and put on top of pizza.

Step 3: Nuke Them Dudes

place in microwave for 15 seconds at most. Don't worry about the power of your microwave just cook until you smell the readiness. aaaaaaaagh the sweet smell of toasted cheese.

Step 4: Eat Eat Eat

Done. Take a bite smell it. feel the newest new best taste ever.

hope you like it

Feed back is always welcome and your variations on the recipe.


oh Pyotts, baked not fried.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    It looks good enough to eat!! A nice quick way for a TV snack, thanks.