How to Tell a Goth From an Emo or a Scene (The Differences Between Goths, Emos, Scenes)

Introduction: How to Tell a Goth From an Emo or a Scene (The Differences Between Goths, Emos, Scenes)

About: I am a teenage Goth tomboy. Well, I mean, I am 12, but I will turn thirteen on August 31 of this year. I am very intelligent and friendly. And if you want to find a good party, look no further than where I a...

Ok. I'm Goth, and everyone makes jokes about cutting myself, WHICH I DO NOT DO. I am G-O-T-H, you retards. NOT Emo. So, I decided I was sick of people not knowing the differences between Goths and Emos. So, I'm gonna write an instructable about it. TAKE THAT, JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE!!!!!!!  *spits on ground near judgemental people, carefully avoiding non-judgemental people*

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Step 1: Goths

Goths usually are dark, and have had a sucky experience with life. However, many Goths are fun and humorous. Not all Goths wear black, though most of them want to. They like Rock and Alternative music, usually. Most Goths tend to have either a singing, drawing, or writing talent, for some reason. My Goth friends and I all have a knack for all of those qualities. NOTE: Many Goths are not actually depressed, they just have had something big and sad happen in their lives and they reflect on it a lot. I had to move from my home, Boca Raton, to Palm Beach Gardens two years ago. I'd been living in the same apartment in Boca for 8 years. It's been two years now, and I can honestly say that not a day goes by that I don't think about my friends back home. Another note about Goths: most of them seem to be female, for some reason. You can't usually tell a Goth by what they wear, either, because not all of them are allowed to wear all black or anything by their parents. Many of my Goth friends do not wear all black because they just CAN'T. But Goth is not a style, when you get right down to it, it is pure mindset. Though the black clothing IS really cool, lol. Most Goths tend to like to stick together, and they are very loyal, like a pack of wolves. Not all of a Goth's friends have to be other Goths, though. I have tons of Non-Gothic friends. Be careful, though. Their fierce loyalty means that if you mess with one of their friends, you should definitely expect retaliation.

Step 2: Emos

Emos are much, MUCH darker than Goths. The term "Emo" stands for Emotional. Meaning: Emos are very emotional. Not in a good way, a bad way. Most Emos actually ARE depressed. Others just like to cut themselves. Emos like to do pretty much the same things as Goths, but they often tend to be loners. Emos like to cut themselves. They like the pain, which is a big sign of MENTALLY ILL. This is why I get angry when people crack the "cutting myself" joke, because I am Goth. I am not Emo, I am G-O-T-H. Emos tend to be teenagers and adolescents, like Goths, but Goths are more emotionally stable.

Step 3: Scene

Scenes are what the name suggests: they want to be seen, the main scene. They usually are not very dark, though many of them seem so because some of them wear really dark, over the top eyeliner to get attention. Unlike Goths and Emos, Scene kids tend to wear LOTS of color to make themselves stand out. Many Scene kids come from rich families and they are all for attention (no offense, guys, but you know it's true) They are a lot more light in personality than Goths or Emos, so I have no idea why people get Scenes mixed up with Goths and Emos.

Step 4: Haymitch Approves!!

I hope that this has been helpful, though I'm not sure how this could be helpful to you in the long run. For my non-Goth friends AK-47 and Annabella: Haymitch approves! And to my Goth friend Lizette: Hey what's up? Lol peace out
!m! (>.<) !m! Rock on

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