The Disease Absorber

Introduction: The Disease Absorber

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The disease absorber is an interactive machine for kids. The meaning of this machine is a game (playing tag) that has been modernized. The game is about understanding some diseases in a fun way.

Game introduction:

There is 1 (the doctor who will be the shooter) who will shoot some good bacteria to microbes (kids running around) the kids who are running around the tank are some bacteria who do not want to heal. That’s why the doctor has to shoot some good bacteria to heal those kids. Once the doctor bacteria have hit the kid, he will be healed and will become a partner of the doctor (can tag with the doctor).

After the kid has been shot, he has to put the bacteria into the absorber. The counter will count 1 point for the doctor.

When the game is finished, the doctor will count each microbe that has been absorbed by the absorber and will count his total points.

In these steps, we are going to explain you the process of this model.


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Step 1: What Do We Need?

1. Aluminum bars

- 360 x 2

- 240 x 6

- 250 x 2

- 100 x 4

- 20 x 4

2. Balsa wood

3. Hard wood for the wheels 40 Diameter

4. MDF for the cannon frame 120 diameter

5. Aluminum fixations for balsa wood

6. Bamboo wood for canon

7. Fimo for climbing wall

8. Some glue (epoxy and wood)

Step 2: Making of the Aluminum Frame

1. We have to cut the bar into pieces of

- 360 x 1

- 240 x 1

- 100 x 2

- 20 x 2

2. After cutting those pieces, we have to make sure they will stick nicely to each other. That’s why we have to make a cut of different degrees to attach the bars properly to each other.

3. First we make the left and right sides of the tank and attach them later with bars in between.

4. With some epoxy glue we attach the bars to each other

5. When the left and right sides are finished, we will fix some aluminum bars in between them so we obtain the width of the tank.

6. When the frame is finished we can start cutting the balsa wood

Step 3: Side Covering

1. Take some balsa woods for attaches them to the frame. The wood panels will be used for reinforcement and decoration of the tank.

2. Take the measure of the open spaces of the tanks. For example, take your left or right side and draw the form with a pencil on the balsa

3. After you draw the shape of the sides offset the shape 5mm inside. You create a smaller form, but still keep the shape.

4. Do that for al the sides (top, left, right, front, back)

Step 4: Aluminum Connections

1. To connect the balsa wood to the aluminum frame, we need some aluminum connections.

2. Take an aluminum panel of 1mm thick

3. Draw on a paper the form of the connection

4. Glue the paper on the aluminum and cut with a Stanley knife the shape of the connection

5. Do that for about 22 times

Step 5: Frame for Cannon

1. Draw the form (180 x 20) on a sheet of paper and cut it

2. Glue the paper form on a wooden panel of 1mm thick

3. Cut the form out of the panel

4. Do that for about 6 times.

5. Drill 5 holes for connecting some rope later

5. Cut a circle of 120mm diameter out of MDF 10mm

7. Find a piece of a screw to connect it with the MDF (this will serve to rotate the cannon 360°)

6. Cut a hexagon 110 mm for the top of the cannon

7. Connect part 1, 2 and 3 together

Step 6: Cannon Frame Finishing

1. When the frame is assembled, we start finishing the whole frame

2. Cut some rope of 150mm and pass them trough the holes

3. Do that for all the holes and you will become a sort of climbing wall

Step 7: Cannon

1. Take a bamboo stick 180mm

2. Make some attachment parts to pivot the cannon

3. Find a led light to put on the cannon. The led will serve as laser to point when shooting

4. Make a foot pump out of MDF or triplex 5mm

5. Attach some tube from the foot pump till the cannon

Step 8: Cutting the Wheels

1. Draw with a drafting compass a circle for about 40 mm

2. Cut the wheels with a band saw or similar

3. Connect the wheels to the frame (left and right)

Step 9: Assembly

1. Connect the cannon to the frame

2. Place the cannon frame on the tank frame

Step 10: Finishing

1. Take some Fimo clay to make the climbing wall

2. Glue the Fimo clay on the wooden panels

3. Take a piece of wood and make a slide out of it.

Step 11: Movie

Movie of the process


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