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This gun is probably the easiest knex gun that will ever be on instructables. If you don't have the right parts just change the bits around a little ( but i would be quite surprised if someone didn't have enough parts). Anyway I wasn't bothered to measure roughly how far it shoots. I also added a little trick to the loading so if your friend or someone tries loading it to shoot you they won't know how. This is my first knex gun so please no harsh comments! Now, get out your knex and get ready to build (if you find putting it together difficult to do just try and do it differently )! Just make whatever the pictures show and in about 15mins you'll have one of the simplest knex guns ever made. Enjoy shooting!

easy to build!
not piece consuming!

ammo falls out front!
occasionally breaks!
if something is wrong doesn't shoot that far!

Step 1: The Body!

this bit is the second hardest part and it's still not even that hard...

12 blue circle connectors,
12 white rods,
10 black/green little rods!

Step 2: The Barrel ( and a Bit of the Handle )!

The most important part!

6 orange/brown connectors,
2 green connectors,
1 blue circle connector,
2 silver/purple connectors,
1 grey connector,
3 red/grey connectors,
13 green/black rods,
1 white rod,
1 black Y connector!

Step 3: The Ram-rod and the Trigger!

The third most important part is the ram-rod. The second is the trigger ( otherwise you would have a slingshot gun )!

2 tan connectors,
2 orange/brown connectors,
1 grey/orange rod,
1white rod!

Step 4: The Rest of the Handle!

This is optional but it is actually better to make and uses very little parts.

2 brown/orange connectors,
2 blue circle connectors,
2 blue rods,
4 green/black rods!

Step 5: The 'putting All Together' Part!

The order that you do this in doesn't matter and if you have troubles putting it together, try to find an easier way to do it!

1 Body,
1 Barrel,
1 Ram rod,
1 Trigger,
1 Handle!

Step 6: Finally, Loading!

All you have to do is hold the trigger back until touching the grey piece ( in the picture ). Fires yellow/dark grey rods!

Step 7: My Own Custom One!

The name says it all really...



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I know worst trigger ever and don't shoot far if you use weak elastic bands and i couldn't find anything easier anyway