The Easiest Way to Make Wardrobe Lights

Introduction: The Easiest Way to Make Wardrobe Lights

You want some light in your wardrobe so you can choose the right clothes .........Well here's the Way

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Step 1: Gather Your Hardware

1) 2x 9 volt battery

2) 2x 9 volt battery holder

3) Some wire

4) About 20-30 Led's (I Use led panels from safety sign)

5) 1x Push switch

6) A piece of wood 30cmX10cm ( I Used Balsa)

7) Tape

8) Screws

9) Glue

10) Optional Solder

Step 2: Create

1) Take your piece of wood and srew up the battery holder's like the picture

2) Srew alse the led panel's

3) Connect the 2 pin's of the switch to negative wire of the battery holder's

4) Connect the other pin of the switch to the negative wire of the led panel's

5) Glue up or screw it in the on the top of the wardrope

6) Then glue the switch to the edge of the wardrope so the switch toches the wardrope's panel

7) Check if WORKS

8) Then take a beer and cheer it up ;)

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