The Electric Motor Masco G,20

Introduction: The Electric Motor Masco G,20

The simple electric motor is easy to make, easy to run, and Its perfectly safe (Maybe not). This is a tutorial on how to make one of these simple but cool electronic contraptions. All you need is a few paperclips, two rubber bands, a battery, some magnet wire at the length of 24-28 inches, and magnets (any size magnets works as long its close enough to the wire).

Step 1: Creating the Motor

The first thing we have to accomplish is creating a motor. First you have to wrap the wire around something like a battery about five or six times. (leave about two inches of wire not wrapped around said object for both sides of the wire as shown in image).

Step 2: Finishing the Motor

Using some sandpaper, remove the wire covering fully on one side and half of the covering on the other (see pictures for reference).

Step 3: Creating the Paperclip Stand

Now you have to fold both paperclips (ONE AT A TIME) as shown in images. (you may have to get more paperclips as some may break in the process of folding).

Step 4: Bringing It All Together

Using two or more rubber bands, wrap the battery as in the image. Then put the paperclips in the place between the rubber bands also as in the images.

Step 5: Finishing It and Possible Yet Fixable Problems

To finish this motor you put the wire in the place shown in the image. To get it to work you use magnets and if your lucky you could get the magnets to sit on the magnet and get it going (you may have to poke the wire to get is to start spinning). The problem that could happen from here is that the two paperclips are not balanced and you may have to move them around.

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