The Fingercopter

Introduction: The Fingercopter

This instructable is going to show you how to make a neat little POCKETSIZED (!!!) flyingmachine from stuff thats either free or lying around at home anyway. Also, it's made of wood, so it's biodegradable. And that's a good thing, isn't it? If you like this, vote for me in the pocketsized contest- if you don't like it, vote for me anyway.

P.S. I just realized that there is another instructable for a similar handheld toy. But I like the idea of being able to keep it in my pocket.

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Step 1: The Materials

Okay, here is what you need:
- one toothpick
- one wooden coffee stirrer
- a drop of glue
- sandpaper
- a knife
- a pencil

You might also want:
- a small file
- a nail file
and (ta-dah) an Altoids box!

Step 2: The Step With the Knife

Take the knife and cut a piece off the coffee stirrer. It should be about 4 centimeters long. There, that was easy.

Step 3: Get Filing

Now take the sandpaper and make the flat end of the piece you just cut off as round as the other side. Take a pencil and make a small dot in the middle (that should be 2 cm from either end). Once you've done that flip it over (so that the dot is gone) and proceed to step 4.

Step 4: The Difficult Part

Okay, this is hard to describe this, so you best take a look at the pictures. Copy the lines on the wood, then file off as indicated. Make sure you only file from the top, otherwise it might not fly very well at all.

Step 5: Needlework

Press the needle (or a nail) into the point you made in step 3. Put a little glue on the spot and then try to press the toothpick into the glue. And then wait. And then wait a little longer. You don't want it to drop off in midair, do you?

Step 6: Can You Actually Fly This Thing?

There are two ways to let a fingercopter fly
1. Put the toothpick between thumb and indexfinger of your right hand and twirl it. Once it is rotating propely, let it go.

2. Hold the toothpick against palm of your right hand with the fingers of your left. Swifly run your fingers with the toothpick along your and hand and let go.

That's it.
Oh, right. The Altoids tin. You see, this fingercopter is pocketsized and if you want to carry it around in your shirt pocket you should be alright. But if you put it in your trouser pocket you might stab yourself in your leg with the toothpick, or the whole thing might just break apart, so keep it safe in a small box.

If you want to make one slightly larger, you can also use 5 cm or 6 cm long pieces . I wouldn't recommend anything larger, as the toothpick wouldn't be heavy enough and the whole thing would just drop like a very tiny log. Also, it wouldn't fit into a pocket very well.

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    you will most likely die in the arm of my hand as i come in and fly and take off-a-yo face with the front of my fingercopter!!!!!!