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Introduction: The Foreign Currency Wallet

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This is my first instructable and my first wallet!

This wallet is made from canvas copies of notes I found behind a cupboard.

No notes where harmed in the making of this wallet.

Because UK law requires copied notes to be substantially different in size or colour, the copies are larger, but correctly coloured!

Step 1: What You Need

you will need

some foriegn notes
a copier or scanner printer combo
artists inkjet canvas printing stock
sewing kit
a cloth fastener
a candle (optional)

Step 2: Copying the Notes

Copy the notes so that you have 4 copies

My copies are 141% larger and true colour.

I have copied 2 notes and put then on a single sheet of the artists canvas. This will make lining up and constructing the wallet a little easier (I hope)

After copying I rubbed the wax candle over the surface to waterproof the canvas (even though it said it was water proof).

Step 3: Marking Out and Cutting

Take one sheet and cut out the separate notes

Take the other sheet and fold into the basic wallet shape. That will be a valley shaped (origami) fold with the images on the outer surface.

Cut the left hand edge so that only the image of the note is left.

Fold the wallet up as if it were in use and using your finger indicate where the fastner should be.

Draw around your finger.

Pass needle with thread through where the fastener should be fitted.

Carefully open up the wallet leaving the thread in place.

Cut around the the remaining outline of the note and around the finger tip area.

Sew the fastener parts to the tab created by the finger tip area and to the face of the note.

Step 4: Cutting the Inner Workings

place a single canvas note against the inside of the folded canvas and judge where its top edge should be, to create a second inner pocket.

mark the bottom edge and then cut it away.

take another canvas not and a credit card and judge how large a piece you need to get the card in, leaving enough perimiter to allow for stiching.

mark and cut this piece from any part of the canvas note that looks good.

finally cut a strip from the remaining canvas to create a cover for the fixing tab, This will strengthen it.

Step 5: Assembly

open out the canvas wallet and stitch the cover over tab.

sew the small credit card pocket to the top edge of the inner pocket front.

sew down the left hand edge of the folded wallet through the credit card pocket and the inner pocket front.

continue along the bottom edge (long side) and up the right hand side.

After constructing this one the following improvements to the process are:

do not fix the fastener to the tab until you have filled the wallet and know exatly where the best place would be!

do not stitch the cover over the whole tab until you have fixed the fastener, just stitch it to the main body of the wallet initially.

I will be taking this wallet on vacation to egypt tomorrow (for a week on the nile) I will report back to see if does the business.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    I love that you printed it on canvas. Makes it look professional and not like something that was accidentally put in the wash.