The Happiness Paper Hat



Introduction: The Happiness Paper Hat

OK, this is a happiness paper hat.

For all those who don't know what a "happiness paper hat" is here is the description:

I was browsing the internet and I found a website that had the classic food pyramid.

The person running the website had noticed that out of the pyramid three things could be made.

The classic pyramid was the obvious first thing but when the reviewer cut off the top of the pyramid ad the bottom it became a weight loss trapezoid.

He then combined the top and bottom to make the happiness paper hat.

That was all good until I saw it, I looked at it and said to myself; "Why have a digital image and call it a paper hat? why not make an actual hat?"

So here I present to you the first ever happiness paper hat!

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Step 1: Download and Print the Template.

OK, I realized I wasn't the best person at Photoshop so I had to do the design 100% by hand.

All the images on the paper is drawn in either pencil or sharpie, it took me about 4 hours to complete the first model so I scanned it in and printed it out.

It was going all good until I realized I missed step 3 (the steps went; 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7,) So, I couldn't just black out the numbers and write the proper numbers because that would be too messy.

I spent another hour drawing it out all over again and printing it until I found the perfect paper hat.

Now, the two templates should be embedded in this step for you to download and print.

When you print them you have to print the first one, take the printed on page and put it back through the printer upside down and print the other design.

It should result in one design on the front and the other design on the back.

If I have confused you please let me know and I will try my best to explain it further.


Step 2: Steps 1 Through 4

OK, this principle is the same with making paper hats, if you learn how to make this hat you can make many others.

If you want you can follow these directions or you can follow the ones on the printed paper.

So step one will have you folding the piece of paper in half where the main line is.

Step two will see a small crease as in the third photo.

Steps three and four require you to fold the two corners in along the lines provided, they will be uneven but that doesn't matter (I made it that way on purpose).

Step five will have you move onto the net step in this 'ible.

Step 3: Last Steps!

Now, we have to fold up both of the rectangular flaps along the lines provided.

When we have done this we pop it open and wear!

Thanks for viewing, please vote, share and I hope you enjoy it!

Step 4: Covering My Tracks, License.

The license used for this project requires me to do the following:

Provide a link to the used license, no changes were made to the license.

I also need to link the website of origin,

I got the idea from the site hyper linked and now I have modified the way it is presented.

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