The Hexagon Led Lamp

Introduction: The Hexagon Led Lamp

So I'm gonna show you how to
make a simple led overhead lamp with most of the basic household stuff. And i know my camera sucks.

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Step 1: The Requirements

1. a thin, but strong cardboard piece
2. a punch hole machine (if you dont have steady hands)
3. 7 leds (one for the centre
4. a 100 ohm resistor.
5 . wires, length < 15 cm for the main head
6. a five volt power supply
7. quick glue
8. a soldering iron

Step 2: Making the Stencil on Cardboard

First of all make a hexagon with each side of length 1 cm, this should give u the interior angles of 60 degree(just to make sure).
Then join all the vertices to get a central point. Now bring the punch hole in use, and with quite steadiness, make 7 holes, each on the vertices and one on the central point.

Step 3: Pushing the L.E.Ds

Now with the holes ready, you can push the led's right into these holes BUT with a twist, first get a rod of same diameter of the leds and bend the holes on the vertices slightly inwards and  ONLY those holes, leave the central hole.
Now take the super glue/quick glue, and with very tiny amount of that (one drop) affix these leds  permanently, be sure to do the "glueing"  on a raised platform so that the leds dont get their tips, in any way , stuck to any surface.

Step 4: The Circuit.

Now there are many possibilities with the circuit, but i used a parallel one, connected all the positive with one wire,and all the negative with the other, i haven't used the resistor yet.

Step 5: Soldering

meh, you can do it yourself. :P

Step 6: Taking a Test Run

now before you close them in a box, make sure to test them , here are couple of photos (and a video) on how they should work

Step 7: If You Want to Put Them in a Civilized Way....:P

So, if you are planning to cover the top part, take an idea from these photos. Thanks for viewing.

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    4 Discussions


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    of course you can, just make sure they are in a parallel arrangement and follow the symmetry of the design

    what is the milicandella rating of the leds you used? do you plan on adding a diffuser to your lamp?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    well, i i am not sure about the rating.And no, not yet