The IPod Minty




This is a well implemented thought out Instructable.
It is an HP series iPod Mini, put into a new hard ware shell.
An Altoids Tin

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Step 1: Taking the Mini Apart

I have already preformed this task.
It is verry easy to do.
You can take a look at this provided link.

Step 2: Making Your Template

I used tape to wrap the iPod mini up.
This is important, without the tape you cut and scratch the altoid tin.
use a small ball point pen to out line for the screen and outher cuts that need to be made.

Step 3: Fitting the IPod Mini

Now once you have completed step two, you can now fit the ipod mini into its new home.
you now need to take the plastic window and glue it to the new housing window.

Step 4: Now 4 Some Padding

I took old bits of fabric and foam egg crate to pad the ipod.

Step 5: You Done

Mint Win!!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    whats the point in put your ipod in Altoids can?