The IPwn. (homemade Ipod Dock)

Introduction: The IPwn. (homemade Ipod Dock)

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This is an instructable on how to make a supah supah awesome glowy speaker ipod dock/charger. it is relatavly easy to make, and it doesnt require a lot of wiring (if you get the right speakers).

Step 1: Materials

What you will be needin:

2 cans (empty campells tomato paste cans)
1 iPod
1 project box from Radio Shack
some wires
1 4xAAA battery pack from Radio Shack
1 dock adaptor for an iHome
2 speakers
1 old jank radio you dont mind destroying
hot glue
soddering iron
1 on/off slider switch from Radio Shack
misc. tools and screwdrivers
Jones soda

Step 2: The Dock Thingy

1.) Cut a hole in the lid of the project box that the dock thingy can fit into nice and tight. glue dat mug in place.
2.) cut a hole in the dock thingy that is big enough for the headphone jack to fit through. make sure it all connects properly to the ipod and glue it securely in place.
3.) cut a hole in the back of the project box that is big enough to fit the USB cable through.

Step 3: The Spekahs.

1.) cut the bottoms off the cans. you should be able to see through them.
2.) bend the cut side inwards and glue the speakers down.
3.) have a Jones Soda
4.) remove the mesh speaker covers from your old jankey radio and cut them down to the size of the cans
5.) glue those on

Step 4: Attaching the Speakers to the Body

1.) find a sturdy object that fits the length of the speakers and the body of your iPwn.
2.) glue the speakers to the sides of the body
3.) cover your sturdy object with glue (on one side) and stick that mug on
4.) glue the speaker wires down on the back of your iPwn
5.) make sure it is sturdy, and apply more glue where needed

Step 5: The Blue Glowy-ness

Step 6: Screwing Things and Testing Yer Glow

1.) plug your ipod into your iPwn and plug the iPwn into the wall. make sure all the stuff works, and test the blue glowy-ness.
2.) if everything works, shove all the cords and the battery pack for the LEDs into the project box and screw the lid down.

Step 7: Painting Your IPwn

1.) cover neccisary places with tape.
2.) shake up your paint can
3.) paint the iPwn

(the reason i used super flat black FIRST and then sprayed it with a super glossy clear coat instead of just using gloss paint is that a.) it lookes darker and more even and b.) it sticks to the metal and plastic better.)

Step 8: Yer Finished

congtrats, you are now the proud owner of an iPwn :)

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    3 Discussions

    curious youth

    if you want to add color changing LED's you can but them from radio shack they're called RGB's. or if you want them to flash with the music just solder them to the speaker wires although you will then have to give the speaker just a little power :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I know what you can do with the big space in the middle. You could put your weed in it!

    Anywyas, I would replace the plastic box with a metal one, attach the sides with nuts and bolts, powdercoat the entire thing, add some car door molding to the can edges, cut out the "I PWN" logo with a dremal and place an led behind it. Then it wouldn't look so ghetto anymore! I would even buy one but then I'd have to buy an ipod.


    10 years ago on Step 8

    THis ipod dock is very ghetto, very cool but very ghetto lol