The Idiots Guide to Spinners




Introduction: The Idiots Guide to Spinners

In this instructable I will teach you how to make spinners, how to spin them,how to play the spinner game and cheats to make your spinners go longer!

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Step 1: Materials

Making the spinners:
Paper (Any kind, but I think printer and notebook paper work the best)
Crayons,Markers,Pens,Gel Pens, Glitter ( Any thing to decorate it with to make it look nice)
Scissors,Water or Spit.( To cut the paper with)
Flat thumb tack (optional)

What you need for the spinner game:
2 or more people
A good spiner and backup spinners and or lots of spinners
A flat surface

Step 2:

First fold the paper in half hamburger style

Then take your scissors and cut along the crease

If your using water to tear it dip your finger in water and slide your fingers down the crease. The paper should turn a greyish black along the crease then gently tear it. If your using your mouth just put your mouth on the paper and start spitting on the paper.The paper should turn a greyish black along the crease then gently tear it.

You should have two strips of paper. Fold both of them hot dog style.

Now you should have two long strips of paper. Fold the ends of the paper to look like a triangle.If you fold one triangle up the you have to fold the other one downwards. (Same if one is down) Do this to both of the strips.

Now put one of the two strips upwards on a table. Now put the other strip across the other one (Make sure they intersect!)

Now fold one of the triangles on the middle. Go clock wise until you on have two left. one upward triangle and one side ways. Tuck the triangle going upwards under the second triangle. (The second one is the one that is on top)
Now tuck the last one under the one you just tucked in (the third one)

Now for the last tuck. Tuck the second one (its still on top!) under the first one (on the bottom)
Now your spinner is complete!

Step 3: Getting Your Spinner Ready for Battle!

Now that your spinner is complete, you need to know how to spin it. First, get your spinner
and take your thumb on both hands and grip the bottom right and left corners of the spinner. Now use your finger next to your thumb, the index finger to grip the top. Now wind up, a twist back around fast and let go. Your spinner should spin! Spinners spin best on flat surfaces that doesnt have much stuff on it to bump into. If this technique doesnt work, keep trying, youll get it!

Now that you know how to spin your spinner, lets get ready for battle!
First, take your spinner on a test drive. Count how many seconds it spins. Record it on a piece of paper or on the back of your spinner.
Now, take your spinner and fold it in half along the line of the spinner to make a point so it can spin. Now do a test drive. Did it go longer? If not, try again. your spinner might be defective, so you might want to try a different spinner to be your trusty spinner or you can always try and fold it more. If your spinner is doing well, then you should decorate it now. A cool looking spinner draws attention (and girls/guys :) ) Remember, a nice looking spinner might not look cool when its spinning!

Now that your spinner is decorated (or not) you need to wright your initials on the back, if you want. I think its cool to have the spinner that I won from C.D.B to remember him, and the one he won from me to remember me by :)

Ok, one last thing. To make the ultimate spinner you put a flat thumbtack in the bottom of the spinner to make it spin for a looong time.

Step 4: How to Play the Spinner Game

First get your friends together (If they have spinners) You need two or more people to play. Find a flat surface. If theres to many objects around, you should find a new place.

Heres how to play the two player version:

First think about your techniques. Will you use your best spinner? Maybe so,Maybe no.

Once both of you have picked get some one to say on your mark.. get set.. go. You may not want the other person to get a slight advantage cause they know when to go quicker. Once the person says go, both of you launch your spinners, Or you may want to do it seperate so they wont bump into each other. (Just count the seconds of each spinner that went, highest wins) Whoever went longer wins and the person who lost has to give the other one their spinner.

More than two people playing:

First, pick your spinner. So it will be fair, each person picks a set amount of spinners, I would say no more then ten. After your team of spinners have been all used its the other person(s) turn. If theres a odd amount of people, winner plays the next person. Now do the same things you would do on the two player version.

And thats how you play!!! Thanks for reading my first instructable!

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