The Illuminated LED Man (or the Joule Thief Man)




This is a guy built out of resistors and a LED that can light up using the Joule Thief circuit (The big one is meant, the small one is exactly the same like brunoip's)

A special thanks goes to 1up for the Joule Thief circuit from his instructable "Make a Joule Thief" and brunoip with his slideshow "The led guy" that brought me to the idea to make a glowing LED man.

I don't know why, but the photos appear in poor quality here, although I uploaded them in quite good quality. If someone knows the reason and how to solve the quality problem, please leave a comment.
If you can't read the speech balloons, here's a link to a better image of the whole comic:

Have a look on its big brother too!



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    2 years ago

    very creative....


    3 years ago

    Wow very nice indeed.

    Thanks for the instructable! I made one this evening, though not as refined as yours. I'm going to make two more and mount them next to each other. I'll post a photo on here when it's done!

    4 replies

    Actually this is only a slideshow, but if you made it to create one, though, i would be really interested in the pictures of your one. :)

    True true. Though your pictures were more than helpful.

    I'm going to make a pair, each with a different colored head, once I get some 1 MEG resistors. I used a random diode for the middle body part and was not happy with how it turned out.

    That being said, I shall most certainly post some photos once I make them over the Holiday break. They might make a nice gift for someone, or a nice addition to

    For what do you need an 1 MΩ resistor? The joule thief circuit needs an 1 KΩ and the rest of the body doesn't matter to the circuit.
    But you could improve it with a big 1KΩ resistor as torso. Then you could solder the head directly to the body.

    I like the 1M because of it's physical size. I feel it makes for a nice torso. I tried it with just a couple of regular sized resistors and something felt off.

    I'll see how the 1M looks when they arrive. Who knows, I might just use several regular sized 1/4W resistors for the torso anyhow. Something to do this weekend I guess.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You could eliminate the wires by using really low value resistors for the legs and running the power up through them, or just run a lead up each leg. They look good though. I think I'll make one using a solar powered garden light. Thanks for the idea.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I thought about using the legs instead of the wires, too ( actually these are 1 ohm resistors). But, you know the problem this would cause? You would have to insulate the legs from each other, so you couldn't solder them together. You would have to glue them and I didn't want to glue any part of the guy.