The Interruptions in a Class. (Public Schools)

I deiced to do this to show how much math I learn along with who interrupts more boys or girls. Also does a male or female teacher get more respect. These age range from ages 12-14. This is an 8th grade class.I began to record my measurement from the start of math class. The gender of a teacher is female. I recorded from the start to the half way point of the class(40min). This is at least half of a class. The data will include how many times the teacher yells and how many time it goes unnoticed.  The class mostly consist of African Americans. I will mark interupptions like (Talking, Off task, Hitting, Swearing,Making Beats, Sounds,Throwing Stuff, Shooting paper into bin,etc) 

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Step 1: Math Class

Here is the data. This is the data that I taken for the first 40mins 

Step 2: Science Class


Step 3: Reading Class


Step 4: Why I Did This

MY teachers receive little to no respect. They also have to hide staplers and trash cans.

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