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As a self-proclaimed inventor i hereby give you my run down, of the mind, of the inventor, the tools needed, and how to be a good inventor (Not a stupid " I found a cool idea and added something to it, its "my" Idea now")

please excuse my horrible grammer, spelling, and understanding of the english launguage.

Step 1: Tools Needed!

Tools starting from most-important and ending in least-important

The most helpful and productive tool in the inventors arsinal is a a hot glue gun,
ranging from $10-$200 dollars,

I personaly use a $20 glue gun, just about every day, its a wonderful
tool used to heat a synthetic plastic, then squirt said plastic onto a surface, creating a strong, cheap and instant bond (instant being 1-5 minutes)
an Exacto knife and a box cutter
Ranging from $5-$20

again very cheap affordable tools, get 1 of each tool and some extra blades (about 5 for each device) they can cut into most objects, ranging from paper,cardboard,plastic,rubber and alot of other materials.
A drill
Ranging from $40-$500

When it comes to power tools, i use Ryobi its a really cheap place to get good tools, while alot of people say there tools aren't good, i find they work well and get the job done. The only reason i use a drill is because i need to put holes into things (like an axel bearing or rivet, maybe to create a good holding/safety release)
Rarley do i use a drill for screwing things together... lol
Muratiac Acid
$6-$10 per Gallon

Muriatiac acid is great for metal Burning (EI sketching of line cutting) reducation of metal, mold making (i might make an instructable for that, its makign a tin-foil mold, and burning teh tin foil off), Dissolving chemicals, ionising water. Its can be used in alot of things
2 part Expoxy

If the hot glue isn't strong enough, expoxy sure is, its been claimed to be strogner than cement the only downside is that "5 minute dry time" is more like 30.

Dremels are cheap or expensive your call, although i prefer the cheaper end. These are like sand-paper on steriods, its used to reach, well, hard to reach spots and sand down anything in no time.

Really I couldn't think of anything else i use..... an inventor tries to make use of what he/she can, in doing so almost and material or tool can be improvised for another. Its all about open thinking, as an expamle I need a cnc milling machine ones ($2k price tag for a 1 time use) I grabbed my mitar saw and slit by slit made an indentation until i had the shape i need. Oddly enough I rarely stray from the tools I listed above... the real deal happens in parts, when sourcing parts one must use the parts more than the tools (EI the part should be right and the tool shouldn't do much work)

Step 2: Parts!

If only i could give you a glimpse into my room.... ohh wait, i can!  goto a landfill!

Not kidding, i get rid of nothing, one time i threw out some plastic scraps.. the next day i needed some plastic scraps =( 

The idea is to reuse junk, as an example I took an old casset recorder and turned it into a universal drive motor, while i use this improvised gear chain and 3 speed motor, i never use it permantly, the whole point of my doing this to the recorder was to create a motor driver with 3 speeds (High-med-low) and a a belt driver  that can be used in many applications, what do ya know it worked.

i can't stretch this fact enough, if the parts aren't right, improvise, its all about building a working model for next-to nothing prices

I really can't give you guys a parts list.. i mean, i took a childrens toy, and built a robot that can re-charge itself... really anything goes in materials...

i wanted some ferrofluid... a casset tape, some muratic acid, some baking soda, and some oil... a few hours later.. i had my favorite magnetic liquid..

I could give you a million improvised applications, like the one above....

Step 3: How Not to Be an Idiot

I was on and i saw there Inventions of the year


I mean a motorcycle with a safty harness is nto a "New" thing on the market,
a car with better aerodynamics is nto a "New" mode of transit
a better solar cell is not a "New" energy source

the point is, if you expect to be respect by me, and i am sure just about every other inventor, then come up with your own stuff, people really bug me when i hear "My invention is a golf ball that goes farther" Sorry bud, its still a golf ball. I hope everyone realises that making a new version of an old idea is a not an invention, but a addition to an invention, so don't claim your self as an inventor if you can't come up with original ideas.

Step 4: With Me Just Insulting Alot of People, I Better Get This Show Moving...

So..... i decided to give out a little exclusive info, hopefully, in the next year or so, if i can get some more money, you will be seeing soem products from yours truelly

The first is what i would say is an invention, but only just. Its a way to make 2 liter sodas last longer (I can't give out extreme details without giving out the nature of the device) But 2 liter soda's have a big problem, my device fixes that, so why would people buy it...?

--Well 2 liter soda is cheaper (1.50 dollars per 2 liters at my local store, ssometimes a Dollar per 2 liters)
-- the Bottle is recyclable almost endlessly, and its highly re-usable
-- people like soda andf money.... so keep both!

one point about products is it needs to have a big market and needs to change somethign in a big way.. the idea of never-going bad soda is a big idea, and alot fo people drink soda, meeting my 2 Requirments.

my second idea is a multi-tool, it allows you to:

see if your hottel room is clean (EI check the bedsheets for not-cleaned- "activities")
Check your house for "Pee spots" from animals
Check for contorfit money
and much more.

now this idea fits both requirments too. It has a big crowd to do its wide range of purposes
and it allows things to be safer, cleaner, and easier to spot... ect



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I suspect you're probably pretty accurate on that one, which by his own definitions, is NOT a new invention.  The thing sounds like a variation on an already existing piece of technology used by law enforcement to gather crime scene evidence.  There is also already a device that allows you to prolong the life of pop, I remember seeing ones branded "pop saver", it was simply a replacement cap for the bottle which incorporated a small pump which you used to re-pressurize the bottle forcing lost CO2 back into the beverage restoring the fizz.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yea teh ligth was a bit sketchy, But i do not use a pump, its more simple than that, i mean who wants to buy CO2 and pump it to 20+ psi in there soda, sounds liek work.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You don't have to buy CO2 to repressurize. Here, this is what I was talking about <a href=""></a>. It works on the principle that everytime you open the bottle and close the bottle pressure is released. Over time, the CO2 that is dissolved in the beverage works it's way out and re-pressurizes the bottle, that's why it will always hiss whenever you open it. What this device does is it pressurizes the open space in the bottle with normal air filling up the area which the CO2 would normally release into. So you aren't adding more CO2 to it, just keeping the stuff that's already in the drink for a longer period of time.<br />


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ahh, i see now, but still, it invovles pumpign ir in, as you can imaien, towards the end fo the soda, the air space in the bottle would have multiplied, ylou'd have to pump over and over and over.


    If only you could edit comments, my grammer wouldn't suck so much, i  meant



    Reply 7 years ago on Step 4

    you just need to slow down when you type, it solves a lot of problems. both me and my sister taught ourselves how to type, she ended up getting so good that she started typing faster than she thinks and now she has bad typing grammar. I however like to spend time writing stories so i take a little bit more time to say just about the same stuff. anyways it keeps me out of the deep stuff and most of the time keeps me from making an idiot of myself.

    i actually have an idea to use the earths ionosphere as a giant photo-voltaic

    Soda bottles explode at 120 PSI, (Mythbusters proved it lol) i think the pump might falil, but it woud take hours of pumping lol, aside from that my version never adds aything to the soda bottle.

    i blew up a dry ice bomb a couple of times it was awsome 

                           "Dont try this at home unless you're on instructables"

    Then, I would buy your version. But you have to make sure that there is an attractive lady in your commercial.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    wow, secrets out... anyway most ppl would have figured that one out lol.

    KitemanMolten Boron

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    "Muriatic acid" is the (very) old name for hydrochloric acid.

    Often sold as patio or brickwork cleaner, or for adjusting the pH of pools etc.

    Muriatic acid, AKA painters acid, is avalable at painting stores and Some hardware stores (Home depot does not have it--weird right)

    Its pretty cheap stuff, close to $6-$10 per gallon, and it helps in a wide range of apps, like removing metal, acid cleaning, just make sure you wear lab safety goggles (Ones with side sheild) and lab ro cleaning gloves (The long sleeve plastic or rubber ones)