The K.c.s.r (knex Crossbow Sniper Rifle)

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hi everyone this is my first instructable, credit for the trigger and part of the barrel goes to knexbuild and his s.k.s.p 
here the gun is it has a good range and is powerful.

powerful (70-100 foot range)
nice looks
body is not flimsy

you have to bend tires for the stock grip
the stock is a very small bit flimsy



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    it's a classic slingshot, nothing new here, but it's a good first attempt. i'll give you 4 stars because you're new. check out my contest (i have a forum topic about it), it's starting in 8 days from now, and you might be interested. let me know.

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    thanks man im gonna check out your contest and probably enter that is the versinon with out the tires for the stock grip

    several questions:
    A. should i include you in the contest? you will need to read all the rules and information in the original forum topic.
    B. what is a versinon? is it a gun?
    C. what tires? i think you mean bendy rods.
    D. what exactly is a stock grip? i think you mean butt (the area you lean your shoulder on).

    also, please use punctuation, as it is very hard to understand what you're saying when everything is just one blob of words.