The Little Black Bustle





Introduction: The Little Black Bustle

Well, after falling in love with Steampunk and period pieces, I decided to make a bustle. I also hacked a dress because :
1. I was super uber bored
2. I wanted to sew something
3. The dress was too small.
This is what i came up with.
I used
A hand-me-down dress from my sister
Black material 
And of course my trusty sewing machine
It was my first attempt at bustles and eyelets and I could have done it a lot better but anyways, comments and critiques welcome because this was my first post and i still have no idea what I am doing.
Thank you in advance, Toodle-pip



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    You did a really nice job with the ruffles, I was hoping for a bigger poof? Do you do those as well? Thanks!

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    Thank-you! I'm not sure what you mean by poof but if you are referring to the skirt then you could add extra fabric under each layer. i will try and be more helpful later.

    I was going to do a full Instructable but all the progress photos that I took are on another camera that I can't find, but if I find them I will try to do a full Instructable. if that makes sense.

    Very nice, it looks great! Maybe you can share more steps in your next sewing project!