The Little Known Secret to Managing Annoying Comments on Your Instructable!

Introduction: The Little Known Secret to Managing Annoying Comments on Your Instructable!

We, the hard working authors at this awesome instructables site, take pride in doing our projects and then sharing with the world our results including the lessons learnt and sucess.

More often than not, they will be some know it all or just plain wicked individuals who make some totally rude or out of place comments. Yes I know that the instructables community has the BE NICE policy but some people fail to read that, much less the content of our instructables before typing away some disturbing text.

I hereby present to you a little known secret to managing those annoying comments.

Step 1: Delete, Delete, Delete!

We know we can request a comment removed by flagging it (why is it only in a desktop mode browser this can done? We want this feature on the mobile app too!) and the managers can have it removed if they believe its really a bad comment.

Sadly, many annoying comments will stay BUT I found a neat little trick to get rid of replied comments made to you, the author.

Here is an example of one such comment. I made sure to keep the identity of this person safe. There was a string of replies made to my reply to his initial comment. That person's aim was to say my charge controller is inferior (their controller is way better), that I wasted loads of money on my battery bank and don't follow what I did. I simply stated what I did for my project and I never once said to do as I say. I kept all my replies very civil but it didn't matter. What did I do? I simply deleted my first reply to that person and every follow up reply was deleted. Then I put a fresh reply comment. If ever that person replied to that new comment, I can just delete again and put back the same comment (or a new one).

So while we, the authors, don't have absolute control over the comments made to us, we can delete a string of rude or offensive replies to our comments. The power is ours! YAY!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the information.
    Is there a possibility of adding screen shots of this in action?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I should have done that but once you delete your comment, automatically any replies to it will disappear! poof!


    5 years ago

    Thank You for this information!