The Mechanical Bee




Introduction: The Mechanical Bee

As the picture shows the Mechanical bee legs made from the umbrella frames. and the tail part is made from the toy motorcycle( back seat) and the head of bee is also made from the toy motorcycle( the hood )
except those I used a lot of springs, screws, nuts and bolts. 

机械蜜蜂 是由雨伞支撑架子组成的。 其头部是由玩具摩托车的车头。 蜜蜂的尾部是有摩托的后座制成。 除了这些以外 还需要很多螺母。 螺帽 螺钉, 弹簧和一些弯管。 



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    you are right. my English is not that good

    Its about 15cm x10 cm. but definitely can make it bigger. if we use the real motorcycle lol Btw thanks

    Now I hope must say those is one of the cooler things I've seen in awhile. What's the overall size of it? Great work.

    The tail looks like it's made with the gas tank and the "hood" is called the front fairing. It looks great, btw.