The "mommy" Notebook

Introduction: The "mommy" Notebook

Everyone know how generous and caring moms are. But the thing not everyone knows is that moms have a very stressful life too, so sometines they can't remember everything, and of course[like everyone else] stressed out. So this is for those tough times in our mom's lives when they have alot going on and are stressed out and exhausted.

Step 1: Materials

1. An old notebook
2. Glue(liquid works best)
3. Two square pieces of paper
4. 2 fat rectangular shaped peices of paper

Skinny rectangular peice of paper

Step 2: Get Gluin'

I know it seems crazy to jump right in like this, but you'll see why later. So what you want to do is glue the square pieces of paper on the cover of the notebook DIAGONAL to eachother. Next glue the FAT rectangles in the two spaces left. Now your probablly wondering, now what am I going to do with this skinny rectangluar piece of paper?  What you want to is, put it somewhere creative on top of the other peices of paper you already glued.

Step 3: While It Dries...

While the cover dries feel free to add a personal note on the first page, write your personal title on the skinny rectangluar piece of paper. Do whatever to personalize it to your mom's personal liking.

Step 4: Almost Done.

This step is optional, what I did was add a string of yarn around it as a border. after this you can add some finishing touches to your liking, and you made a nice "mommy" notebook

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