The Monkey Tree

This costume cost me 6 dollars and took an hour and a half to make! Here is how I put it together and it is super easy! Get a brown sweatsuit or pants and a jacket, safety pin a stuffed monkey to each arm and leg and to the back. For the hat I used an old bicycle helmet and removed the hard plastic cover and poked 8 holes into the styrofoam with an ice pick all around the midection of the helmet. Hot glue branches from a weeping willow tree (because they are lightweight and hang down) into the holes. Next take leaves from the tree and hot glue them to cover the entire helmet. Cut out some babana shapes out of yellow construction paper and hot glue them towards the front of the helmet. Then hot glue two smaller monkeys to the very top of the helmet. Dust your childs face with some dark brown eye shadow and your done! I reccomend putting the hat together a couple of hours before you are going to leave because the branches and leaves tend to dry out quickly!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful... simple, unique, fast, inexpensive, and totally adorable! What's NOT to love?!?