The Most Amazing Holiday Prank

Introduction: The Most Amazing Holiday Prank

this is the best holiday prank

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Step 1: Materiels

you will need a few things to make this possible!

wrapping paper
wrapping paper you dont really need/scraps
a victim (best if the victim is mean in the morning or gets frustrated easily)
a gift to wrap (i just had my phone handy so i used it)
and some time

Step 2:

ok to start out you want to measure out the gift and get the right amount of paper figured out in your head. then you will want to add a little bit around the edges to that. that is all for this step! do not go any farther with the wrapping process!!!!!!!!!

Step 3:

take your old wrapping paper and rip it into peices. look at the pictures please!!!!

Step 4:

optional step!

if you have an empty to and from thingy sheet like this, rip it up to. then mix together

Step 5:

crunch it up then grab a good handfull and put it ontop of the gift

Step 6:

wrap up your gift and keep on adding that wrapping paper!!!!!!! crunch it down in there and keep adding!!!!!!

Step 7:

finish it up with some tape!

Step 8:

wait unti; christmas and put it under your tree

Step 9:

wait for your victim to make a mess!

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    7 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 8

    i geuss ok but u should of took like a party popper and took out the exsplosive and put it in so it would blow up like a party popper gift


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hardly 'The most amazing' prank.

    More a mildly irritating and juvenile one.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    it is, from one's point of view. from another's, it is a great prank to really annoy somebody, which is the purpose of this instructable.

    King Crab
    King Crab

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'd be really mad and probably hit whoever made this in the face if I received such a gift.