The Musicians Travel Kit: Survived 3,000 Miles and 8 Concerts in 9 Days





Introduction: The Musicians Travel Kit: Survived 3,000 Miles and 8 Concerts in 9 Days

This Instructable is about how to make a travel kit for your guitar or in my case, the much loved and needed BASS!! I Just got home a few days ago from a tour through the northeast playing bass for a Christian youth band and choir. This was one of the most demanding things I have ever done, and had to go without error. Luckily, I had put together the nicest survival kit for my bass and heres how to do the same for your stringed instrument. Don't forget to vote if you liked it for the Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest!

Step 1: Getting Your Materials

First off, you need something to put this all in. I personally used the bass case that i have, but others may prefer an empty first aid kit or a back pack, but this is up to you.

With that out of the way, this is what you will need:

Duct Tape
Toenail clippers
Small flashlight
Extra 1/4 in. cable
Pocket Knife/multi-tool
Post-it notes
Sharpie and pen
9 volt batteries
Cleaner for your guitar

Other then the neccessities, you can add what ever you would like. Some extra cash is allways handy, as well an extra strap.

Step 2: For the Drummer:

You may still need some of the things I had mentioned, but don't worry about the strings or 1/4 in. cable. Instead, keep a few extra drum sticks and possibly even some drum heads, as well as a hex key set. A drum pad is nice for practicing and is relatively quite.

Step 3: Sound Tech:

For the unlucky person who's job is the sound technician, You should for the most part know what you need. Just in case though, besides your mixer, amps, speakers, cables, and mics, heres some things you may need.

1/4 to 1/4 in. adapter ( for adding cable if needed)
A set of various batteries
Extra mic and speaker cables
A few bucks in change
AC adapter
Gaffer's Tape

If you think of anything else, pack it! Don't second guess if you may need something. If you do, and do not take it, chances are you will need it...

Step 4: Have Fun!!

Remember, this is not all you have to bring... Please don't forget your instruments and necessary equipment. This is just meant to give you a guide line on what you may forget. This is important for late night gigs or weekends when some stores might not be open or relatively close. This is a great experience and alot of fun. You get to meet new people an will remember it forever. Keep all of this in mind and you will have no problem when traveling with your band.

Thanks and please vote!




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    Really? I'd never have guessed. Just with the name Jesus freak and all, I assumed you were probably Muslim, Buddhist, or Jedi. Disclaimer: I know some of you American-folk struggle with sarcasm (No offense intended), so I'll just mention here that this IS a harmless sarcastic comment, in a humerous vain.

    american folk struggle with oversensitivity. they probably know that you were joking, but somehow they would think that you were somehow making an attack on their religion.

    and.... jedi. ha.

    Suddenly, arguments on the internet! also, not getting anywhere! (first person to link to a comment on a website where someone's mind was ACTUALLY changed on the internet wins all the internets.)

    Absolutely everyone who performs, whatever the instrument (I would even recommend for VOX) must carry Gaff (The G is capitalised because Gaff is a deity). Drum head broke and no spare? Gaff it up. Bass strap uselessly broken? Double over some Gaff and put a hole through it. Classical acoustic feeding back? Gaff the hole. Jacket/pants/whatever torn? Gaff. Radiator cracked on the tour bus? Gaff. Frog (on a bow) worn out? Try Gaff. Forgot/lost/had stolen your mats (on DJ decks)? Gaff. Wanted to fly on stage but forgot to put your fly tower in your mic case? Lots of Gaff. 357 FTW Also, I like to bring a few litres of water. Not everywhere is very drinkable, and to be at your best you shouldn't be drinking coke and other rubbish before going on stage (or chilled water if you are a singer - obviously).

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    singer's legs too hairy? Gaff. fans getting too wild? Gaff. bus tire popped? gaff can't hold that pressure of air, but with enough rolls you can make a new tire.

    o..... dont ferget th xtra simbal pads and snare strings!!!

    Headphones might be good on loud gigs. And even though it's a pretty rough environment, pack those expensive AKG's anyway. When you're on the field you'll realize why.

    Earplugs. Extra earplugs keeps that tinnitus away.

    If you are the Second Coming of JimiHendrix Christ, don't forget blotter paper!

    Sound tech?!?!? Never EVER do any gigs without extra ground lifts. Can't tell you how many times I've defeated the incredibly persistent 60Hz buzz over the years.

    nice job i'd lie to add to the drummer section: some thick rubber bands and blue tack great for attaching bits to your kit (setlist etc) and the bands are incredible if a spring on your pedal breaks!!

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    Thanks, I personally play the bass so i was just tryin to outline what a drummer may need, but i wasnt to sure about that. I'll see if i cant add that on.

    Man, calm down, I, personally, am not religious, but.... I didn't stop at that, I just kinda ignored the fact that it is a religious band. BIG WHOOP. Actually, I would suggest reading this Instructable, because it covers a few things that many people forget to bring along on their band trips. -gamer

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    Thanks, i personally have no problem with some one not being religious, because that is a personal choice. I just didnt want this to be judged because of my personal choice.