The New Can



Introduction: The New Can

The New soda can uses.

By Grant Haefner, Matt Haji, Dario (something) and Charlsten (something)

The first step is to cut off the top or bottom of the can. Be carful of the sharp edges of the can.

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Step 1:

In this step you could bend down the edges of the can so they are not as sharp or you could just leave them normal.

Step 2:

In the third step you can puncture hole through the can with a sharp point or what i like to use is a exacta knife. Remember dots look better than lines cut into the can.

Step 3:

You will end up with something like this. use a small candle for a light source.

Step 4:

Or you could go an extra step and customize your own.

Step 5:

Custom Nightlight Can lit up! It is upside down

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