The Not So Smart Xadow Smartwatch

About: This is creator of Xadow modules

Intro: The Not So Smart Xadow Smartwatch

This is a SO beautiful watch I ever made~ A lot of animation were used. But this is only the prototype edition, I hope you'll like it (Of course I will give a updated version!!)

I cut a lot of features, because there is no more space for me to burn the firmware into the board(32U4).

Now you can check your time and calendar there, a stopwatch is included too~

A NOT-SO-USEFUL flashlight is also there, ignoring the brightness of OLED is not so good.

The original and reference one is:, Instead of writing the codes in avr-style, I adopt his avr workbench into a arduino solution, so every one can download the codes and upload hex to his own hardware easier!

Step 1: Functions

First, The not so smart Xadow smart watch is a "Watch"~ I use a RTC module so this won't lose time if it's out of power (Forget the time on the picture, only for testing)
There is a beautiful animation when the seconds plus+ ^_^

other functions:
  1. You can set up the current time~
  2. Enter "stop watch" mode and start timer!
  3. Sleep mode help to save battery power
  4. Calendar mode
  5. Flash light

Step 2: Materials & Tools

  1. Xadow main board
  2. Xadow RTC
  3. Xadow breakout
  4. Perfboard
  5. Buttons


There is no button module on Xadow, so you have to use Xadow breakout and Perfboard, together add three more button presenting left, confirm and right.

Step 3: Software

I publlihthe code at under GPL license, it's totally free and open!
If you are familiar with Arduino, you can make a watch now! Please mod a better looking beyond my design!

Please download and report bugs to me .THX Zak for his initial work!

Step 4: Handwork

A deeper understanding of Xadow Watch:

A wired jumper you should pay attention to. There are two times within RTC module, but only one of them will be shown on the back of board: INTB. The main logic is: RTC and button will sent INT to MCU, and OLED changes according to the interruption. So connect the INT to the RX on Xadow compatible interface.

To make it simple and wear more comfortable, I cut off a short segment of cowhide.

Just use a little clip, it's on your hand now!

Step 5: Later Plans

In this picture, I add a ultrasonic module to use it as a add-on for this watch~

raise your hand, point to the girl you like. You got the distance between you and her!

OK, this is only an imagination, if you guys think it's a cool idea, I will make a real smart watch including BLE module, adding ID to make it cool & fun & geek.



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    the idea is great now let bring the real smartwatch you want to make i am curious


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hahaha I like the 'girl sensor' idea :D. Haha you could also put a fake 'heat' meter :P