The Office War: Mini Catapult





Introduction: The Office War: Mini Catapult

this is the office war mini catapult

by Dinky =)

Step 1: The Bottom Frame

built this for your mini catapult

Step 2: The Fire System

here i let's see how to build the fire system

Step 3: Puting All Together

now put all parts together

Step 4: Making the Office Tabel Connectos

special for your office table



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    32 Discussions

    It shoots white rods about 4 feet, I harrass the cat with it

    ok 3 things...
    what does it shoot? I've tried gray connectors but it doesn't shoot them good.
    mine isn't shooting....
    and i think the basket or what ever you put the ammo in needs the be improved.

    1 reply

    just to let you know this isnt a catapult it is a mix between a catapult and a trebuchet.but more of a trebuchet.but good and cool.i am doing a mod for the basket.

    2 replies

    actually this is prodominately a catapault. a trebuchet uses a counter weight with a long neck to fire a smaller weight from the basket. a catapault relies on tension to sling an arm into a stopping bar, which (newton's law of inertia) causes the object to be propelled forward with force. this is not pulled with a counter weight, making it a catapault.

    LOL it kinda works but  like Dino said what will it shoot and it flings stuff to the ground and life flips over every time.

    sorry i disassembled it but i just made the basket bigger and adjustable and made it catch the arm so it shoots it at something not the ground but it only shot like 1 ft so i ripped it was a piece waster

    the V2 will better work for a booby trap,
    if You do that , i ask you to post it as a mod.
    you have the rights.

    Actually I found the V1 worked better. But I turned both into booby traps. I will post both in one instructable.

    lol I thought this thing would be pointless to build. I shot it at me because i figured it wouldnt hurt. Bad idea with a grey wheel >.< 4 stars!

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    just wanted to say not to put elastic band to tight or the catapult will fling of table and hit someone in face TT.TT

    this is so awsome( i would have said the F word but im not sure if u can swear) i think the ofice war series pwns anything else. u need to keep making office war. and i mean a lot of office war:) :) :) :) :) :)