The Paracord Belt




Intro: The Paracord Belt

Today I will be showing you how to make this awsome belt out of paracord.
*Since this instructable is confusing try to follow the pictures, because what I can't put into words will be explained by the pictures.

Step 1: Materials

For this instuctable you will need each of the following:
x1 a belt buckle
x2 32ft of paracord
x1 4.5ft of paracord

Step 2:

Take the middle of the shorter cord and fold it in half,and make a cow hitch around the middle of the buckle.

Step 3:

take one of the other cords and make one side the same length as the other cord on the buckle and make a cow hitch, and repeat with the third cord so that there are three cow hitches in a row.

Step 4:

take the cords and divide them in half, then take the right outer cord and loop it under the two inner cords. Then take the left outer most cord and loop it over and through the loop of the outer right cord, and tighten the cords.

Step 5:

repeat the last step until the desired length or go onto the next step to make the belt look cooler.

Step 6:

after repeating step 4 about 10 times I decided to change the pattern of the belt.

First what you do is you loop the right outer cord over the cords then take the left outer cord and loop it under and through the right cord. then reapeat step 4 once and reapeat this step again.

Step 7:

once there is about 1-2 inches left start doing cobra braids until there is almost no moe core. cut and singe the core close enougth that the core won't go inside the belt but not so that it is sticking way out, and cut and singe the outerr cords so that the belt won't unravel.

Step 8:

The end.
have fun making this belt, and please vote for me on the survival contest.



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    Reply 7 weeks ago

    also what type of paracord did you use 425, 550, 650, or etc...

    I kind of winged it, but I only had about 6ft left over, but you can easily do something with the leftover.


    Tip 7 weeks ago

    hey so i understand the three cords but you should have put the the 4.5 feet cord is the length. you should edit it and say "fold the paracord in half then wrap it around your waist and cut it to the right size or make it the same length as a belt that fits you"


    3 years ago

    I just wanted to know what is the name of this type of weave called.


    4 years ago

    Maybe I will do it on leather..


    4 years ago

    Great method! Way less complicated than others i have seen


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Better belt tutorial than others I've seen - thanks!