The Perfect Cola-cuppa

everyone has ended up with a lot of coke-cans at some point. maybe it was a party, or some other celebration- it's always such a pity to throw away that amount of aluminum! so why waste them? here's a great way to reuse your old coke or sprite cans!

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Step 1: Get 2 Cans

for one cup, you'll need:

2 cleaned and dried coke cans

some good scissors

superglue(I used loctite superglue)

a tin opener

Step 2: Take Off One Face

clamp the tin opener on the face with the lid thing, and take off the face as you would with a normal tin. you'll now have a cup. however, we want a mug, so we'll have to repeat this step with the other mug. put one of the cans to the side for later.

Step 3: Take Off the Other Side

take off the other side of the can in front of you in a similar fashion. now, you should have one coke cup, and one coke tube.

Step 4: Imma Makin Mah Handel

cut along the coke can (this will get a little tricky), trying to make a line that's as straight as possible. once you have opened the tube, cut along the rims to make a sheet of aluminium.

Step 5:

cut a 1 centimetre wide strip lengthways on the sheet of metal to form your handle. then, taking great care not to turn yourself into a human teacup, glue one end of the strip to the bottom of the can. glue the top bit to the top to form a handle.

Step 6: Wonder Why This Counts As a Step

SO, you are done! now, do the next obvious thing, and pour yourself some milk- DO NOT PUT ANY REALLY HOT BEVERAGES IN YOUR COLA-CUP. some warm milk might be fine, but actually putting any tea could burn you because of the metal's high heat conductivity; i haven't tested it yet though. you are done now! congratulations; you haven't just made an eco-friendly mug, you've also given yourself an excellent reason to drink canned drinks!

oh, yeah: i am not affiliated in any way with coca cola. use sprite cans, beer cans, pesi cans, anything really. i just used coke cans because they were the ones i could find. i later made a half-size coffee cup with a sprite can!

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    7 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I would fold the handle purse on the sides so it does not cut you. Other wise, cool there is some contests going on. You should enter!

    1 reply

    thanks- i'm entering the 'glue' contest (or at least am trying to). about the sharp edges, i agree, folding it over would not only make it safer, it would add a little stability...


    5 years ago

    Nice, but how about folding the handle so that it is not just one strip? This would take away the sharp edges on the handle.