Chinup Bar and Gymnastic Rings

Introduction: Chinup Bar and Gymnastic Rings

I hate the step by step so here it is all in one. 
This is a combination chinup bar/ adjustable gymnastic rings. These allow you to do basically every body weight exercise. 
I am 6'1 about 215 lbs and it supports me no problem, with enough height too. 

Materials needed:
- 2 of these:
I ripped off the tag, size is approximate, just ask the guy in the store if it will support your weight. Bigger is better. 
- a drill, with a heavy duty fat drill bit (slightly smaller than your eye bolt hopefully
- a screwdriver
- 2 o rings
- 2 heavy duty carribeaners
- 1 dowel rod like this. I can't find my tape measure but this seems similar. 
I wouldn't go thinner than that, although personal preference for length. 
a set of gymnastic rings and straps. Available for purchase at one of those crossfit gyms. Or online at:
- a ceiling you can drill into
- safety glasses or goggles

I only had to buy the screws, but I estimate everything cost about $150 (not including drill)

1 Figure out where you are going to be drilling. Find some wood joists, or something hard to drill into it. Need more than drywall. Use a stud finder, or knocking on the surface or your brain whatever. 
2. Rings are supposed to be 50 cm apart. I had a built in archway, so I measured in from the wall about 13 inches, assumed this was the amount of clearance my arm would need. Draw marks. 
3. Drill a hole, drywall dust will fall on your face. Wear goggles, glasses, something. 
4. hole should be deep, but doesn't have to be the entire length of the drill bit. 
5. Hopefully you are smart and have used a big enough drill bit for your corresponding eye bolt (but not bigger than the threads of the bolt) 
6. Screw in the eye bolt (to the right) After it gets too hard to turn, put a screw driver through the eye, use the extra leverage to turn it until the screw part is completely in the ceiling just to be safe.
7 Measure 50cm away. Make another marking
8. repeat steps 1-7. Make sure you have at least 13 inches on the other side for your other arm. 
9 thread the straps through the bolts and the rings, so you can adjust them. 
10. my rod didnt fit through the eye bolts. so I clipped the carribeaners to the bolts, with an o ring on them each. 
11. Hang the dowel rod through that. 
12. Hey presto! Home gym. 
Add some kettlebells, a medicine ball, and some yoga, and you have the perfect workout with endless combinations. 

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