The Perfect Marshmallow

Introduction: The Perfect Marshmallow

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earlier this evening while i was sat around a camp fire with a few mates, alot of marshmallows and sausages and i happened to stumble upon the perfect way of cooking a marshmallow. read on for more...

Step 1: The Prep.

Before i say this i will remind you to always practice extreme caution around a fire and this procedure will involve hot squidgy stuff that burns and sticks so will stick to you... while burning. Ok, so light your fire and get a nice big flame going, sharpen some live sticks and burn them a bit on the fire to steralize them. then stick one marshmallow on the end.

Step 2: Prep the Marshmallow

after you have put your marshmallow on the stick you need to put it in the fire until it has charred black. if it sets on fire take it out and let the marshmallow burn down, then put it back into the fire.

Step 3: The Marshmallow Is Unveiled!

after the marshmallow has charred black you must take it out and in a quick motion, flick the stick using your wrist. if you did it correctly the outer charred shell of the marshmallow will come off (the squidgy thing i mentioned earlier, so take care) if this procedure is done correctly you should be left with a small squidgy white ball.

this is your perfect marshmallow. enjoy

Step 4: The Alternative

another way to acheive similar results to this is to dip the marshmallow into some tea or hot chocolate before then put it into the fire, but don't let it burn.

This will leave you will a soft squidgy outside and a chewy marshmallow like inside. =] possibly better, but harder to achieve the final result.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    My marshmallow-turning instrument of choice is a real "guy" tool. I reused a D-cell-powered point-of-purchase sign rotator which was pre-configured with a 2' rod. It turns at about 10rpm, making my toasty marshmallow evenly tanned before it meets it maker with his friends Hershey and Graham.

    greenwing hero
    greenwing hero

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i must say, i haven't been so amazed my jaw actualy dropped and i gasped in a long time, atleast 3 months. this however broke that record.

    that is awesome. kudos to you =]