The Pink Chunder

Introduction: The Pink Chunder

Sounds disgusting, looks revolting, tastes surprisingly good.

Picture if you will a room. A room with four young Australian men in it. Needless to say there is alcohol and cards involved. At some point in the conversation the topic wanders to revolting drinks: tomato sauce(ketchup) milkshakes; port and ginger ale; the Aussie Mary (beer, vodka, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco with a sprig of celery); Vegemite milkshakes. etc. etc.

Here is the show stopping suggestion that caused us to go "We gotta try that!"  Baileys and Fanta... or as it was later christened - for reasons obvious if you drink too much of it - the Pink Chunder.

Into a glass half full of orange fizzy drink (Fanta or Sunkist) pour Irish cream (Baileys) to taste, or lack thereof.

Remember to clean the glass as soon as possible and never add the Fanta to the Baileys, or you will never get the glass clean;).

Do try this at home - but only if you are over the legal drinking age in your jurisdiction. It is actually quite delicious. I like mine with ice but that makes the cheesy bits hard to get to so feel free to leave it out.

This works reasonably well with most fizzy soft drinks but the only other one we named was the Murrumbidgee mud which is Baileys and cola.

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