The Principle Location Salon Has Been the Residence to Entrepreneurs Because 1989.

Everyone right here is in small business for they go the added

mile for their clientele!

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This can be a place where you can find amazing service and talent, a place exactly where you will really feel you belong, a place of friendships, laughter and like!

The Main Place Salon 306 E. Main, Barrington, IL 60010 (847) 382-8282 offers STATION RENTALS Beautiful, Spacious, Adequate Storage, and Affordable!

This salon is unique due to the fact that you are in organization for oneself without the need of each of the binding contracts and legalities. Envision a location exactly where someone could operate several days and earn precisely the same amount as if to possess worked a full week.

This Salon has been formed in Honor and Support of individuals who choose to put family members initially, or who just need to have much more time for themselves.

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Here one can reduce back their hours, with out cutting back needed income... or work just as really hard and double their revenue! If this resonates with you, then The principle Place Salon is exactly where you must be! Contact to be place in touch with one of those amazing artists. Primary Location Salon 306 E. Main, Barrington, IL 60010 (847) 382-8282



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