The Quick and Easy Way to Make a Light Up Hood for Burning Man

EL Wire is your best friend.  Seriously.  Our local grocery chain started selling these "Glowbrightz" kits in the bike accessory section.  You can also order parts and cut your lengths and whatnot pretty easily. 

In this instance, I didn't have time to wait for the shipping, so Glowbrightz it was!

Step 1:

I'm using a knit hood, for ease of attaching the EL Wire.  Its also very easy to sew onto things too.  In this case, the hood is removable.   Knit things make it really easy to attach the wire because you don't necessarily need to sew anything.

Step 2:

I put the battery pack in side of the hood.  I used a piece of velcro to hold it in place while I figured out how much slack I needed for the weaving.  Afterwards, I'll sew it in place.

Step 3:

Then, I just began weaving the el wire through the knitting.

Step 4:

I did a simple shoelace style weave.  I tried to be careful to make sure that put the laces equal distance apart.

Step 5:

Put the batteries in the battery pack.  This one takes AAA.  Building your EL wire is useful, when you can, because you can play around with power source options.

Step 6:

All lit up!



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