The "I Don't Have a Sewing Machine" Blanket




Introduction: The "I Don't Have a Sewing Machine" Blanket

This is an instructable for a no-sew blanket

It is for the crafty ones (like me) who sadly do NOT have a sewing machine

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Step 1: Get Your Supplies!

Items needed:

- 2 pieces of fleece** the same size - any color any pattern!*
- 2 yards or more for adults - smaller for child's sized blanket
- Sharp scissors
- Ruler
- Fabric Pencil (not necessary but helpful)
- Large clean work area!

*Reminder - if you are wanting to embroider on your blanket make sure to do so before you put it together!

**In this picture the felt squares are to represent the 2 pieces of fleece

Step 2: Getting Started!

- Take the 2 pieces of fleece & lay them flat on your work area

- Line the pieces up so they are even on all 4 sides

- You may need to trim the sides - especially if your fleece is off the bolt

Once you get the fabric lined up you will make your 1st cuts to remove a 2"x2" square from the corner

- Cut 2" in on all four corners

Step 3: Keep on Cutting!

This is one step that once you start you don't want to have to pick the project up until it is done!
Cut tassels are very difficult to line up again - If you must pick it up make sure you secure the 2 pieces of fleece with safety pins in the corners & also along the edge also.

I cut my tassels very short - you can decide what is best for you - remember the longer your tassels the shorter/skinnier/smaller your blanket will be - also the larger your hands the harder it will be to tie small knots - adjust your corner square removal in Step 2 to match the size of your cuts

Here is where you can choose to use the fabric pencil to mark the length or width of your cuts -

Starting at a corner measure about an inch for the width of your tassel & 2 inches long

Every 1" make a 2" cut

I was lucky, my ruler was the perfect width - so i was able to use it as a guide - now you just work your way around the fleece

- to prevent complications later, finish ALL the cutting before you start tie-ing

Step 4: Tie It Up!

Time to tie the 2 pieces of fleece together using the tassels we just cut!

Starting at a corner =
Use your basic square knot (the knot used to tie shoes ;)
I suggest to double knot - the tassels will start to untie during use if tied once

Now just keep tie-ing till you make it back around*

Once you are done tie-ing the blanket do not be afraid to pull & stretch & yank on the fleece - it helps to get the shape of the blanket normal - you will hear some ripping noise from the fabric - do not worry about it - some is necessary but do not over pull - use good judgment!



*Did you end up with a loose extra tassel? Yeah it happens - you have 2 choices - go backwards & find where you tied wrong & skipped over one OR tie it onto an already tied one because no one can really see it ... only you will know ;)

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