The Rope Dart

About: Hi. My name is Caleb. I am a guy who likes to make things. My all time favorite thing to do is blacksmithing, and knife making. I also enjoy wood working, beekeeping. I like making things the old fashion way...

You might be wondering what in the world is a rope dart? Well the rope dart or rope javelin, is one of the flexible weapons in Chinese martial arts. It could be used to throw and pierce, as a grappling hook, or binding a person, and it was a lethal weapon in its day.

Why did I make one? I like making knifes and I enjoy throwing knifes, and tomahawks. A rope dart sounded cool, so I made one and was surprised at how fun it was to use. I have a target I made out of 2x6's, and after I got the hang of it I could stick it in the target every time.

I still like my tomahawks better, and I would rather use a throwing knife over this any day. But they are not common and are pretty cool.

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Step 1: Throwing

To throw the dart I have my wrist in the loop and the para cord in between my fingers. Then I just start twirling the dart carefully, and let it go as if your tossing it at the target, in this case it was my anvil stump. I can pull pretty hard and it stays in there, most of the time I end up kicking the dart out with my boot.

Step 2: Binding

Now this is kind of pointless I never have a need to wrap the target, It just shows one of the ways they would have used it to tie a enemy up in combat. And I missed this wood post witch is why you are looking at this binding step, But I guess mistakes are for a reason.

Step 3: End, and How I Made Mine.

So my dart was hand forged from some scrap steel I found laying around. I just punched a hole and tied some para cord to it, and that was it. The rope dart is cool and I made it because I liked it at the time, the only thing I would say is that I would rather have a knife over a rope dart.

That is my rope dart I hope you liked it, thank you for looking.


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    3 years ago

    is there a way to aim ? i keep imagining this thing being let loose and going into the air above me or behind me ..

    1 reply

    Reply 2 months ago

    yes, too be true. the hand shot or reverse hand shot is pretty simple, you swing the dart in a counter clock motion then let it wrap around you hand once upon the second wrap on youre hand? extend out youre hand pointing too youre target as so the dart wont make the second wrap and uses its own momentum for direcion.

    CJStephensTecwyn Twmffat

    Reply 3 years ago

    it should be very effective, i would personally go with the classic back sword or axe but this would do alright.