The Science Behind Tsunamis

A tsunami is a series of ocean waves from, it send large waves of water and can reach heights of up 30,5 meters. The waves can cause widespread destruction when they reach the coast.
It occurs when there is a large vertical displacement of water  when  the seabed suffers some kind of alteration and affect.
Earthquakes are the main cause.

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Step 1:

This is a tsunami simulation, caused by an erathquake, beacause is the main cause.

Step 2:

We use a large fishbowl to simulate the sea.

Step 3:

We measure and cut a sheet of styrofoam.

Step 4:

We painted a styrofoam of  brown  color to simulate  the coast.

Step 5:

We place the sheet of styrofoam inclined to simulate is the coast where the waves hit it
Then we filled it of water.

Step 6:

We cut a small pieces of styrofoam to make houses, this simulate the moment  when the waves hit the coast.

Step 7:

Also made posters and other things to decorate the stand.

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