The Simplest Smoke Grenade.

Introduction: The Simplest Smoke Grenade.

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A very simple smoke grenade that you can make with nothing but 0.50 $ worth of equipment.

Use carefully. If not made properly then it mite make an inferno. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, step 5)

Step 1: Required Materials.

Nothing much

Step 2: Starting

just get any pen and stab 1 hole in it.
make sure it doesnt go all the way thru

p.s. if you want good results and you have alot of ping - pong balls, try cutting them up and putting it in one big ball.

Step 3: Aluminyum Foil

wrap the aluminyum foil around the ball and pen ONCE
or it will be impossible to light up

and make sure that its not ripped or you will have the flamethrower mode (step 5)

Step 4: Remove the Pen


get your pen and make a slight hole, this will allow enough O2 to come in and make the ball burn faster.

Step 6: Smoke Out....

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