The Smaller Faster Wallet Thing

Introduction: The Smaller Faster Wallet Thing

In this instructable I want to introduce you to the idea I have for a wallet that works very well for me. This is really a suggestion with a few ideas I've had from spending my time tinkering. I don't think you should copy this design exactly (in fact, that's probably a terrible idea for any instructable that doesn't involve explosives or something.) Anyway, I wanted to get rid of my old leather bi-fold because it was so large it was a burden to keep in my front pocket and was probably giving me back problems. I spent a lot of time on the internet and didn't find anything that really struck my fancy so I started messing around with duct tape and ended up with this.
This wallet has three pockets, a pocket in the front for bills, folded into quarters (which is a massive nuisance, I will admit,) a pocket just behind that which holds the majority of my cards and a pocket on the bottom which holds just my ID and the card I use the most. I don't have to open the wallet to get to my most used cards, but I feel safer than I would with a money clip. Well I hope you enjoy this instructable and it isn't too confusing.

Step 1: Materials!

This is up to you. I made this wallet first in duct tape, then using an old tyvek mailer. I like the feel of tyvek, but it was a much larger time commitment. So:

The only things I would argue you need are a pair of scissors or a knife and some elastic.

Everything else is up to you, here's what I used for the duct tape wallet:

Duct tape

Rubber band

Scissors, knife, awl, ruler

Here's what I used for the tyvek wallet:

Tyvek mailer

Needle and thread

Rubber band

Painters tape, to hold seems while you sew

Scissors, knife, awl, ruler, pencil

Step 2: The Duct Tape Wallet

Here's how I did it.

I used duct tape that is ~1.8" wide. This is why I did it this way.

Cut five lengths of duct tape to ~15.5".

Slice one of those right down the middle so you have two 15.5"X.9" strips.

Cut two 3" strips.

Step 3: The Duct Tape Wallet, Making the Strip

These pictures show assembly of a 15.5" X 2.5" duct tape strip.

make two 2.5" wide strips by laying back to front two of the large strips

tape, front to front, the two strips you just made together

tape around the edges

Step 4: The Duct Tape Wallet, Assembly

Now you take that strip and make a wallet!

First, I bent the edges to make the wallet. To do this, I measured using a card and folded around it. If you follow the ugly paint pictures, it should be doable.

Then I taped the rubber band onto section F, right at the F-E joint.

Then tape F to E.

If you want you can tape the edges of E to D and C to B to make a more enclosed wallet.

Now I screwed up and my strip ended up short, so I just added to the end to make the part that slots into the money pouch.

Step 5: The Tyvek Wallet Is the Same Thing

The only thing is that I sewed everything. It was a nuisance but it made me happy. I also cut it specifically so that the wallet was pretty. I trust you can figure this out if you care enough.

Step 6: The Rubber Wallet

Well the Tyvek started getting hairy and the elastic gave out so I found it to be the perfect time make a new one! I had a popped bike tube lying around, which I have decided is a fantastic starting material for many things because it is free and made this little number. It is different from the other wallets in that

A. I used elastic fabric, sewn into a loop. It isn't held on or anything, it's just tight around the wallet.

B. I made the wallet wide enough that it accommodates bills folded in half in the front. The wallet is basically the height of a credit card, but the width of a bill now. Larger, but way easier to pull money out of.

C. I ended up sewing the pockets together for ease of use. The rubber stretches nicely however so it will still hold all the cards I almost never use.

D. I recommend lining the pockets with something a little more slippery than the rubber as it becomes a minor nuisance to pull cards out from the rubber.

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