The Smallest Paper Plane on Instructables.


Introduction: The Smallest Paper Plane on Instructables.

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Now Kiteman may have just posted his but...

Mine does happen to be smaller, like his the version shown is made from cigarette papers, except I used longer ones.

This plane will work with newspaper and very well with receipt paper since I designed it in work...

Step 1: Get Your Paper...

One king size cigarette rolling paper, these are swan ones, however ask if they have silver Rizla paper, this is the lightest paper sold in most shops, perhaps too light for this design...

Step 2: First Fold

Simply fold it in half lengthways.

Step 3: Second Fold.

Fold the sides down in to triangles, like the picture, make them as even as possible, they should meet directly at the tip, the plane wont fly properly unless these are perfect...

Step 4: Fold Three.

This one is a repeat of the last on the new triangles, again these will need to be even.

Step 5: Fold Four.

Now squeeze the plane flat and smooth the main folds down in preparation to fold the wings.

Step 6: Fold Five.

Now we fold the wings out, they come out at around 35-40o from around half way down the body, if that's too confusing look at the final images of the plane and the picture below...

Step 7: Final Fold

On the outer edges of the wings at the front make a little fold up of a few millimetres, this is important as it makes the wings rigid and keeps the plane from flopping in the air.

Step 8: Flying It.

This plane requires a gentle touch, hold it in between the index and thumb, throw reasonably slow and a shallow downward angle, it should glide along quite nicely, if you're doing it from low down, throw it a bit fast and almost level, it should gain height on its own.

If you throw too fast it will simply throw itself in to a tumble, it's a mix of a dart and a glider.

Not sure about the folding technique I use, it helps give paper planes a lot more nose weight making them harder to stall.

On a final note if you want to make it smaller again you can slice the tails of the wings level with the back of the body, it will be slightly less stable but will be tiny...



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    Get off i could make one under half the size and with normal paper!!! You can even see the photo below and everyone knows the camera never lies.


    in belgium, i (13) sure don't have any trouble with it. because the paper isn't the actual cigarette! and it's very, very cheap. (i had 200 for half a dollar)

    Oh not sure, use a receipt instead, it's pretty small, I don't have any to hand to measure for you, I'll check at some point though.

    Thanks for the other comment, the papers are used for their super lightness, the 'ible has nought to do with smoking, try receipt paper or the other suggestions I put for the 'ible...

    Anyway, I'll try it later, but looks good! 5/5 + favorites

    Cute, but I think mine's smaller.

    (No, I am not going out to the shed at ten at night in the pouring rain to get the cigarette papers to check!)

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    I checked out the scaling, I'm pretty sure mine is the smaller one on the whole, however it's a bit longer...

    Hah, only drizzling a bit here...-

    Pfffft! I got you both beat! :P

    When I was younger I made a plane out of a piece of paper that was about 1/8 in by 1/8 in. I never was able to repeat the design.

    The picture is just to show it's approximate size. It might have been smaller, and it didn't look like this.


    It "flys". If you drop it straight down, it catch the wind and projects it self forward. Not very effectly I might add yet still flys.

    Oh, that's just by folding with fingers. I can fold much smaller than this with tools. Bring it on!!

    It has to fly though, the two we have here do, I reckon I could make it even smaller though, with flight, this versions a little light on it so there's room to play with...