The Solar Charger

Introduction: The Solar Charger

One of our current and most important problems is climate changue, it is produced by greenhouse emissions, carbon monoxide and methane are two of the most important greenhouse gases, and it generates a very significant rise at our planet temperatura, but we can do something about, we are introducing you a very eassy Project that will allow you to chargue your mobile pone or Tablet in your car, we hope it can help you to be part of the solution and not of the problema.

Your Friends: Alexis Iván López Escamilla, Edgar Guerra Herver, Francisco Pérez Acevez and Moises Pizarro

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi!! first of all thanks, it is important to stabblish that this kind of diode has the property of conducing just in one direction, we are using it because we do not want the current to return to the cell, in that case, the cell will work as a resistor, now, the resistance is just helping to disipate power for not damaging the led, so in conclusión, taking in to account a Little bit of voltaje lose because of the nodes we are making with our connections, the output voltaje is of 4.9 volts


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! What is the output voltage going to your phone after you added the resistor and diode?