The Speaker


Introduction: The Speaker

About: Industrial Design student in Lund, Sweden.

A DIY speaker made from glass bottles, news paper, a magnet, and some copper wire. 

Please visit for a downloadable .pdf with illustrative instructions & more pictures.

And if you make your own speaker, please send us a mail!

// Axel Bluhme, Milton Runerheim & Simon Helmersson



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    3 Discussions

    man, it is amaizing how you can tell that someon is an industrial designer (or student), just of looking what he/she/them had made, you did something awsome, i have been looking for something like this for a long time, thank you.
    im studying industrial design at argentina, im a lil stuck in this moment with the studies, but you things like this, finding peopple who thinks alike me, just makes me want to keep going, great work!

    Awesome! But what is the output like? And how loud can it go?

    Do you have a more in depth/technical tutorial on how to build this? Thanks and the speaker looks great!