The Star Wars Geeks Perfect Breakfast




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Intro: The Star Wars Geeks Perfect Breakfast

 many of you love star wars how many of you wish you could eat "star wars" every morning well here is the solution. 

Step 1: Tatooine Toast

where gonna start with the toast what you need is
.peanut butter (crunchy or smooth will work)
.a toaster

Step 2:

now toast it until its the way you like it. then spread the peanut butter all over the toast
and if you dont have the cinnamon made you need to add a spoonful of sugar and a smaller spoonful of cinnamon until you have enough to sprinkle all over your toast.

Step 3: Aunt Beru's Blue Milk

this is realy simple what you do is take some milk and put in some blue food coloring don't worry this doesn't affect the taste or any thing.

Step 4: Finally

EAT IT ALREADY! extra credit to any one who makes a star wars scene with their toast if you do please post the pictures in a comment



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    11 months ago

    I'm gonna make this for b-fast on May the 4th. That's the perfect way to start a Star Wars day. I might even make a scene on Tatooine, to really get into the spirit of things.


    I made this today. lol cute instructable. It is quite tasty. Here's a pic of my geeky breakfast:

    toast and blue milk.jpg

    8 years ago on Step 3

    It's no secret that's definately bantha milk :)