The Storm 220 V1.7 Knex Bolt Action Rifle.




About: Figured it was high time to give this a quick edit. I was an active part of the K'Nex community from about '08, I still occasionally lurk. I did a lot of dumb stuff on here but I'm past it now. I'm currently...

This is my brand new knex gun, the storm 220. It was designed for mainly looks, but it functions well, and has decent range. I am not going to say be nice, even though this is my first Instructable, because I think people are entitled to their opinion. This gun shoots around
75 - 80 feet with the right rubber bands. It is not that good compared to guns like the SR-V1, or the osnjckma2, but I tried my best. I also apologize for some of the photos' poor quality, however you will probably be able to find your way around this.

V1.0: I was messing around with knex and made a cool looking shape for a gun. It was originally a pistol, and shot about 5 feet, and had a block trigger...

V1.1: I added a longer barrel and a front hand grip. It loosely resembled a UHC 870 shotgun (look it up!), still no trigger.

V1.2: I added a better firing mechanism, and it finally had a true trigger! (yay!)

V1.3: I remodelled the back of the gun to give it a flatter shape, and added a stock.

V1.4: I added a bottom loading removable clip which held 10 shots.

V1.5: The stock received a complete rebuild, making it stronger and making the entire gun look better.

V1.6: I replaced the magazine with the clip from the scar assault kit here, and the gun fires even farther.

V1.7 I remodelled the frame a bit, and decided to stop modding it from then on, and finally post it

True trigger
Removable 20 shot Magazine (scar 11.0)
Fires yellow rods
Rough sight
Strong stock

Feel free to post any mods you have.
I hope you guys like it; enjoy! :)

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Step 1: Parts List, by Ksbf (again! :P)

parts list:


dark gray:22
lt gray:4

tan clips:9
y clip:28
ball joint:4

Total: 698

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

Here you will learn to make the handle and trigger, just follow the pictures.
1. Build 2 of Piece A
2. Attach blue rods and Orange connectors
3. Build piece B
4. Slot blue rod into hole
5. Attach 2nd piece A to the handle, and you're done.

Step 3: Stock

This is the stock, again follow the pictures
1. Build the back side (lol) of Part A
2. Add this
3. And this
4. Make this
5. Attach them
6. Attach to what you have already built
7. Different view
8. Connect to handle

Step 4: The Main Body

This is the main body, it's pretty simple, just follow the pictures.
1. Build 2 of this, yes 2, you will need it later (mirror one of them) note the tan connector.
2. Connect to what you already have.
3. Connection different view
4. Add these parts

Step 5: Inner Workings

Here you will build the inner barrel, the mag well and the firing pin. Just follow the pictures.
1. Build the inner barrel.
2. Different view to step 1
3. Build the well
4. Different view step 3
5. Join them
6. Attach the inner barrel to the gap in the frame.
7. Attach well to frame

Step 6: Finishing the Body

Still got the other side? Good. Just follow the pictures.

1. Part needed.
2. Attach; you should be able to work it out

Step 7: Long Barrel and Foregrip

Here you will build the long barrel and hand grip (duh). Just follow the pictures.

1. Hand grip
2. Different view
3. Long barrel
4. Different view
5. Different View
6. Attach to gun
7. Add foregrip

Step 8: Elastic Bands

Add the elastic bands just follow the pictures.

1. Add firing pin to gun
2. Slide into here (note it is slotted into the grey rod)
3. Elastic bands; 1 short at least 1 long
4. Add one from here...
5. To here
6. Another Long one from here...
7. To here
8. Overview.

Step 9: The Clip

Here you will build the clip, vital for multiple shots.

1. Build these
2. Different View
3. Attach it together
4. Build the pusher

Step 10: Loading and Firing

To load, put 20 yellow rods in the mag and attach to the gun via the ball joint connectors. To fire, pull back the firing pin and pull the trigger. Repeat this process until the clip is empty, and then replace it or reload the old one.
Thanks for reading! Please feel free to post any mods you may have and I hope you have fun with the Storm 220 V1.7!


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    dude that gun is SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome u rock (jk) (jk again)

    The Jamalamlowe

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Typical noob: blames the maker rather than questioning the likelihood of their own building fail.