The Tale of Two Bottle Openers.

Introduction: The Tale of Two Bottle Openers.

Bottle opener project. I make two different designs of botle openers out of wood and use a nail and a penny as the prying device.
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    Here's my results, I used kitchen worktop samples, 2 are oak and the other walnut. I used Norwegian 1 krone coins partly because they already have a hole in and also because of some family connections and used a wood burning iron to write on the sides. Christmas presents sorted :)


    Looks great! Making them is a lot of fun!

    nice ideas and i love the wood design and i was wondering what kind of tools do you have like brand wise?

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    Thanks for your comment. I own a variety f brand names I have a 1960 unisaw table saw. A ryobi miter saw, a jet bandsaw etc.. so lots of great brands out there!