The Tools You Need to Build a Bench Out of Pallet Wood




Introduction: The Tools You Need to Build a Bench Out of Pallet Wood

Would you like to make a wooden bench out of pallets?

Would you like the chance to make a lot of money?

I hope this Intructable helps you learn something and maybe make a little money while you're at it.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

First you will need pallet wood.

You can find pallets from companies willing to donate or sell their used pallets.

Step 2: Tools

You need a nail gun to nail the wood together.

Step 3: Tools

You need a drill to drill the nails into the wood so your bench can be steady.

Step 4: Tools

You need to apply Guerrilla Wood Glue before you use the nail gun.

Step 5: Tools

You need to sand the wood so it can be smooth.

Step 6: Tools

You need a saw to cut the wood.

Step 7: Begin to Design and Actually Make Your Pallet Bench

I hope this instructable helped you think about the tools you need to make a pallet bench.

There's lots of other furniture you can also build.

Look for others Instructables to learn more ways to actually build furniture.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    There are some other tools that I find useful for working on recycled wood projects:

    A table saw or a hand-held circular saw with a rip guide is useful for ripping longer pieces to a different width.

    A hand-held router with a round-off or chamfer bit is great for finishing the edges of the wood pieces. You can smooth the edges with a sander instead, but I think the finished pieces look more professional with the routed edges.

    A Kreg pocket screw jig is great for easily making strong joints and keeping the fasteners hidden. Alternatively, a doweling jig or biscuit cutter could be used if that is what you are comfortable with.