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Introduction: The Ultimate High Tech Beverage Holder

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Sorry I don't have more pictures, this was made a while back and I've gotten lots of compliments on it so I've decided to share.  This is a little tougher project, that needs some soldering skills and a simple understanding of how motor polarities work.  Make sure you check video on last step.   Thanks for looking, have fun with it.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Old cd/dvd computer drive
Old mouse
Soldering iron
Standard hand tools
Box cutter
Two 9V batteries
Two 9V battery terminals from Radio Shack

Step 2: Putting It Together

I really didn't gut the interior of the drive, just taped the batteries to the interior.   I broke off the front face plate tabs of the drive and epoxied the face plate to the cd tray so the whole unit comes out.   The face plate supports the tray and keeps it from tipping when loaded with a beverage.   I epoxied an old cd to the tray to strengthen and create the coaster.   Using an box cutter I cut the traces leading to the eject motor on the circuit board isolating the motor.   Also using the box cutter, I cut the circuit traces leading to the left and right mouse buttons and rewired the mouse cable to these switches.   I then snipped the connector of the mouse cable and soldered the wires to the appropriate points on the batteries and motor.   This is my rough circuit drawing.   The final step was the testing.   I found that I had to remove the tray lock arm to open/close properly, no biggie you will know it by looking at it.

Step 3:

Here is the youtube video of the final completion.  Hope you like it

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    You are correct. Good eye for detail, even under the green paint. That goes back to an old 386 processor computer with Windblows 3.11.